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Phone:          02 4963 3922
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Accounts Receivable Direct Contact
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Phone: 4032 6701
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Accounts Payable Direct Contact
Phone: 4032 6705

Recommended After Hours Procedure

Step 1:

Don’t Panic !

Step 2:

call 02 4963 3922

Step 3:

Listen to the prompts and select option “2″, your call will then be transferred (at our cost) to our “After Hours Emergency Service”

Step 4:

If your Hot Water Heater is leaking:

- Shut off the water leading into the unit, this way you can leave the water connected to the rest of your services (ie toilet / sinks) while it’s being repaired.

- If Gas, turn off the Gas leading into the Hot Water Heater.

If electric, turn it off from within your mainpower board.

If you have a running tap, shut off the stop cock under the vanity/sink that connects to the tap, if you don’t have one of these you will have to turn off your water meter.

If you have a water leak on your property shut off your water meter, it’s usually located on the boundary within the front yard somewhere.